Discover the Conference Pear of PDO Rincón de Soto

pera cajón

Our products and pear trees are situated on the lower banks of the rivers Ebro, Cidacos and Alhama, an extraordinary location for growing pears of exceptional quality. Fields are flat, well aired, humid, permeable and clean. All of this enhances some important properties such as colour, pressure, flavour, juiciness, and texture.

One of the special characteristics of our conference pears is the russeting of the skin. Though not very extensive, russeting occurs as a natural result of evaporation by sunlight of the moisture left on the fruit by the morning mist.

Our conference pears are bright green with natural russeting and yellowish flesh. Pears are longer, larger and sweeter than other varieties and always keep their stalk intact. Their juicy flesh melts in the mouth and their core is not grainy.

Pears are very high in vitamins A, B, C, D and E which have very powerful antioxidant properties. In addition, pears help to detoxify the body, specially kidneys and intestines and help with the decalcification of the arteries carrying calcium to the bones.

Nutrition Facts

Values per 100gr.

Water Content 83,5 gr
Potassium 141 mg
Iron 0,163 mg
Magnesium 16,6 mg
Phosphorus 20 mg
Proteins 0,54 mg
Fibre 2,68 mg
Calcium 24,6 mg
Vitamin B1 0,02mgr
Vitamin B2 <0,01mg
Vitamin C 3,23mg
Folic acid 0,01

Seasonal Availability:

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Packing the pears

We have a wide range of packaging presentations adapted to our customers´ requirements (from bulk trade, single or double layer boxes to smaller presentations in trays, bags, baskets). Our packaging and handling procedures are very versatile and flexible. We adapt to your clients demands and the needs of your business.

bandeja 2 unidades
bandeja 4 unidades
bandeja 5 unidades

Loose in crate
Size in mm Pieces Kg Cases / pallet
55-60 10/11 104
60-65 10/11 104
65-70 10/11 104
70-75 10/11 104
75-80 10/11 104
80 + 10/11 104
1 layer
Size in mm Pieces Kg Pieces per case Net Kg Cases / pallet
55-60 7/8 26 3,8 168
60-65 6/7 24 4 168
65-70 4/5 20 4,4 168
70-75 3/4 18 4,8 168
75-80 3/4 18 5,1 168
80 + 2/3 16 5,2 168
2 layers
Size in mm Pieces Kg Pieces per case Net Kg Cases / pallet
55-60 7/8 52 7,2 104
60-65 6/7 48 8 104
65-70 4/5 40 8,8 104
70-75 3/4 36 9,6 104
75-80 3/4 36 10,2 104
80 + 2/3 32 10,4 104


caja 18 unidades DOP
caja 20 unidades


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