Our Installations

  • Leading technology in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Ultra-low Oxygen (ULO). The oxygen content is reduced This leads to slower breathing of the pears, so the ripening process is halted naturally
  • Our complete pre-sorting machinery allows the sorting of fruits according to parameters such as size, colours and external defects prior to packing.
  • State of the art packing equipment: different lines to accommodate the wide variety of packs our customers require.

Our Farms

With a total production of over 5000 tones, our farms and pear trees spread across 250 hectares of countryside in Upper and Lower Rioja are strategically located near our installations.

At our farms we follow INTEGRATED PRODUCTION SYSTEM techniques, in other words, environmentally friendly practices. Soil management, improvement of the trees nutrition and environment, reduction of waste, minimize the use of agrochemicals, storage and labelling while still maintaining high-quality fruit production. Thus, clearly defining our quality standards and achieving production of a safe, high quality food product for consumers.


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